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Create An SEO Rich Product Mix

Start with a complimentary interview focusing on your capabilities and your printed product mix. We provide Competitive Product Reaserach from an SEO perspective and follow that up with a plan for optimizing your offering and your site.


Optimize On Site And Off Site Content

We do more than write well optimized page copy - we make the copy relevant to the printed products you offer. We DO NOT try to "trick" search engines. All of our content optimization is based on the analysis we did in Step 2. That's our three step approach to print SEO.


Deliver Deep Search Term Analysis

Based on the work in Step 1, we research and deliver a Search Volume Report and a Competitive Analysis Report for every product in your mix and on your Top 10 online competitiors. Then we craft the Master Keyword List for optimizing every product.

Three Step Approach To Print SEO

We take a three step approach to print SEO. We research, we analyze and we deliver highly optimized tags and content that is printed product centric.