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About optimizing images, videos and downlaodable files:

Based on Keyword Product Offering List, we provide the optimized file name and image name for downloadable files (like artwork templates), we provide the file image image file name, image description and image or video ALT Tags.


When we Optimize Images, Videos And Files search engines and customers get a deeper look into your page content. We make sure that these become new opportunities for you to standout in customer searches and conversions.


The costs are based on the number of items we optimize for you.

Costs range from $100 for 10 files to $500 for 50 files.


Please call or eMail to discuss optimizing your images, videos and files.


        Call: 1+ 866 900 5175

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to get your images, videos and files optimized now.

Optimize Images, Videos And Files to give customers and search engines a deeper look into your content. You can rank better and sell more.

Optimize Images, Videos And Files