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Keeping Facebook Fresh

Start Posting!

Make a post once a week (at least) to your Facebook Friends of your Page. Here are some possible topics for your print related posts:


- Make an announcement about new products and capabilities .


- Talk about upcoming community  events you might be sponsoring

  or participating in - especially if you provided any of the printed t-

  shirts, water bottles, bags or whatever


- Post up picture of recent orders and customer testimonials about

  each ordfer.


- Ask leading questions of your followers, "who knows about the new

  QR bar code regulations?, as an example.

- Post inspirational and motivational quotes.


- Keep followers interested.


- If you need a volunteer for something, this would be a good place

  to make those types of announcements. To do this, click into the

  Status Update area and begin typing.


Good Job!

You are now on your way to maintaining a closer

relationship with all of your Facebook friends!


Keep On Posting!


Keeping Facebook fresh is the key to growing your audience through "likes". Here are some helpful freshness tips.