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Getting Your Facebook Pages Found

To get your Page noticed, and put you in touch with all of your friends (customers) on Facebook, you need to:


- Like Facebook Page

- Invite Friends to Page

- Invite Contacts to Page

- Share Something (Post)


While logged in to your Facebook Page,  click in the upper right on "Build Audience“, in this order:


Like your own Facebook Page.

This shows all your friends you "Like" it, which promotes it.


"Invite" all of your friends on Facebook.


"Invite Email Contacts"

Ff there are  others not yet on Facebook but in an opt-in email list you have of your customers.


"Share Page", which will share your  Facebook Page with everyone that's  currently your friend on Facebook. The "Invite", actually sends a message to all of your Facebook friends in the system inviting them to come "Like" your Page.








Getting your Facebook pages found is they key to any succesfull print related social media campaign. here's how to do it.