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Defining Print Keywords For Each Page

This is our approach to defining print keywords for each page on your printed products site:


- Generate list of all relevant words and phrases used to describe the  

  product or page topic, including singular and plural as appropriate.

- Tap multiple team members for their ideas.

- Enter the list into Google Keyword Tool.

- Revise list based on Google results for relevant words and phrases.

- Sort the list using the highest volume to lowest volume filter. Ignore

  searches with fewer than 1000 monthly local searches.

- Conduct a Google search for each potential word or phrase, beginning

  with the most highly searched.

- Review the Top 10 results, looking for relevance to the page product or


- Finalize a list of one to four words or phrases.


These become the print-specific keywords to optimize for on the page.

Defining print keywords for each page on your printed products site is the crucial first step you must take for optimal search success.